Chamaerops humilis

Exquisite Fan-Shaped Leaves: The Mediterranean Fan Palm showcases beautiful, fan-shaped leaves that create a tropical and architectural appeal. Its lush foliage adds a touch of elegance to any landscape.

Compact and Versatile: This palm tree is relatively small in size, making it perfect for ornamental use in both indoor and outdoor settings. It fits well in gardens, patios, or as a potted plant.

Drought-Tolerant: Chamaerops humilis is highly resilient and can withstand dry conditions, making it an excellent choice for regions with limited water availability.

Low-Maintenance: With its easy-care nature, this palm requires minimal maintenance. It is adaptable to various soil types and can thrive in full sun or partial shade.

Sales Formats

Ref. EAN Diam. pot Volum. pot Total height Plant height Quantity CC Quantity shelf Quantity Box 100*120
H20 8437003006371 ø 20 5 l 60-80 cm 40-60 cm 56 28 110
H25 8437003006388 ø 25 10 l 80-100 cm 60-80 cm 28 14 50