Olea europaea Old Tree

Iconic Silvery Leaves: Olea europaea features distinctive silver-green leaves that provide an attractive contrast in any landscape, adding a touch of sophistication.

Versatile Fruit Production: This tree is famous for producing olives, which can be harvested and used for culinary purposes, such as making olive oil, pickling, or enjoying them as table olives.

Longevity and Resilience: Olive trees are known for their exceptional longevity, often living for several centuries. They are also highly resilient, adapting well to dry and arid climates.

Sales Formats

Ref. EAN Volum. pot Total height Tronc perimetre
OR20-30 8437016102893 C40/35 l 140-180 cm 20/30 cm
OR30-40 8437016102909 C50/45 l 140-180 cm 30/40 cm
OR40-60 8437019376307 C70/110 l 150-180 cm 40/60 cm
OE40-60 8437003006807 110/130 l 180-200 cm 40/60 cm
OE60-80 8437003006814 180 l 190-210 cm 60/80 cm
OE80-100 8437016102640 230 l 190-210 cm 80/100 cm
OE100-120 8437016102619 290 l 190-210 cm 100/120 cm
OE120-150 8437016102626 290/500 l 200-250 cm 120/150 cm