• PC25

Phoenix canariensis

Impressive Size and Presence: The Canary Island Date Palm is known for its tall and imposing stature, making it a striking focal point in any garden or outdoor space. It commands attention with its large fronds and robust trunk.

This palm features attractive, arching, and feathery fronds that create a lush and tropical ambiance. The deep green color adds a sense of freshness and vitality to the surroundings.

Hardy and Resilient: Phoenix canariensis is a hardy palm that can withstand a variety of conditions, including coastal areas and Mediterranean climates. It is also moderately drought-tolerant once established.

Exotic Appeal: With its exotic charm and timeless elegance, the Canary Island Date Palm exudes a sense of sophistication and creates a luxurious atmosphere in any setting.

Sales Formats

Ref. EAN Diam. pot Volum. pot Total height Plant height Quantity CC Quantity shelf Quantity Box 100*120
PC20 8437003006463 ø 20 5 l 100-120 cm 80-100 cm 56 28 110
PC25 8437003006470 ø 25 10 l 140-160 cm 115-125 cm 21 14 48