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Washingtonia robusta

Tall and Majestic: The Mexican Fan Palm stands tall, creating a commanding presence in any outdoor space. Its slender trunk and fan-shaped leaves add a sense of grace and grandeur.

Fast Growth: This palm tree is known for its rapid growth rate, quickly reaching impressive heights. It can transform a landscape in a relatively short period, providing instant impact.

Drought-Tolerant: Washingtonia robusta is highly adaptable to arid conditions, making it an excellent choice for water-wise landscaping. It can withstand dry spells and is tolerant of a variety of soil types.

Iconic Appearance: With its iconic silhouette and characteristic fan-shaped leaves, the Mexican Fan Palm creates a classic and timeless look, reminiscent of tropical destinations.

Sales Formats

Ref. EAN Diam. pot Volum. pot Total height Plant height Quantity CC Quantity shelf Quantity Box 100*120
W20 8437003006623 ø 20 5 l 80-100 cm 60-80 cm 60 30 110
W30 8437003006654 ø 30 15 l 130-150 cm 100-125 cm 11 7 20